How to Improve Your English Language Ability

Aroma of language (First) 

Yes this is what the series of language awareness , improvement tips and write ups by me is going to be called.

You might wonder – why, what…has she gone crazy???….well the answer is least not yet..

So let me tell you …yes language has to be felt and enjoyed like a whiff of fresh air…like a lingering smell…like the aroma of delicious food coming to the nostrils of a hungry person…

OK..point taken…you want to CRACK CAT and not worry about language and its aroma….Lets Get GOING !!!!

The First Aroma :

The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is to have loads of words at hand to speak and write…in technical language : IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY

Hmm..i know you are thinking..YES ..we know we have to improve our vocabulary but HOW??….We cannot seem to remember words….

EXACTLY…I realize that…So????

Please don’t memorise…START VISUALISING THE WORDS…

Let us try doing some:

GORMANDIZE: eat hurriedly[ imagine a small child stuffing laddoos into his mouth before the elders catch him…or better still imagine yourself stuffing food into your mouth in class before your teacher turns around.

Okie- dokie  …was it easy??

EUPHEMISM : substitution of a mild term for something offensive…[ imagine your girlfriend/ boyfriend asking you how they are looking in their new  expensive apparel…and you say.. ‘well you look cool in anything but I like you better in the dress I got for you’…hmm..only you know how cool that was…but then you did not want to hurt them…that is Euphemism for starters. ….

So that is how you visualize your words..and mind you its not as difficult as it sounds…the more you practice the better you become at it….and your word power increases !!!

So that was the 1st Aroma from my side…will continue with many more..

Be my partner in this beautiful aromatic journey of language !!!

BON VOYAGE !!!! …will come back soon with a new aroma

Author – Meenakshi Upadhayay

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