Last two weeks of CAT
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Last two weeks of CAT

last two weeks of cat exam
Last minute preparation tips by the CAT wizard Arun Sharma

So we are into the final phase of our preparation process and hitting the last two weeks of the same. Typically, this is the time to start winding down your preparation – since CAT is not an exam, where last minute studies helps.

A few pointers from my side about how to organize yourselves in these last fortnight before the CAT:

  1. Stop solving new questions: It’s highly unlikely that you will do a new question in your practice now, and the same will help you do an extra question in the CAT. Will not happen. Don’t work on a wish and a prayer. Remember, the CAT is a reactive exam – and the chances of you picking up a new reaction now and that reaction coming back to you on the D-Day, is almost zero.
  • Focus on redoing all the questions you have done: This is the most important thing you can do preparation wise over the last fortnight – In Quants, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. If you have done a fair number of questions over the past months of preparation – this process will help you re-visit each of the logics you have discovered and help you further embed each of the reactions. While solving the CAT, it is these reactions and logics, which would ultimately help you overcome the obstacles in the questions.
  • While redoing the questions, do not necessarily solve each of the questions to get to the answer:  just revisit the logic, flowchart the question and stop there –as far as you are sure that the flowchart will lead you to the answer. Do not waste time going through the calculations, for each question. If you feel you want to practice calculations, do it separately. If you redo 200-250 questions per day, you can cover around 3000+ questions in the last two weeks.
  • Do a few section tests along with the mocks you are planning to do. Section tests help a lot in firming up your strategies and in improving your decision-making. Use them as a tool.
  • Take the pressure off yourself:  Feeling the pressure while taking the exam, is always going to be counter-productive. In the exam, you just need to be in a reactive state of mind – react one step at a time to what you see on the screen in front of you. Pressure and the emotions it brings along with it, have the effect of taking you away from the only thing that is important in the exam – the immediate next step. Emotional baggage of any sort while solving the paper will have the effect of taking you away from what you have trained yourself for.
  •  Create an alternate plan of action for the next year, in case you do not get the desired CAT result. Do this before you enter the CAT exam. It will help you a lot in performing to your optimal level.
  • On D-Day, just allow your training an practice to take over. That’s what you have worked for the whole year – why on earth, would you allow anything else to interfere with you during the exam.



Arun Sharma, IIM Bangalore  

(Cracked CAT 19 times with 99.9+ %ile, 

Author of Famous CAT Prep Books with McGraw-Hill)

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