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We at Mindworkzz congratulate our student, Ragini Gupta for scoring 99.47 %ile in CAT 18.

We bring you an exclusive interview with her to explore her strategy for cracking CAT

Mindworkzz: Congratulations on your remarkable performance in CAT 18

Ragini Gupta: Thank You !!

Mindworkzz: How much did you score in each section of CAT 18?

Ragini Gupta: I scored 99.47 %ile overall

VA LR: 98.88 %ile

QA: 98.37 %ile

DI LR: 98.28 %ile

Mindworkzz: How did you prepare for CAT?

Ragini Gupta:  My secret to success in CAT was practise, practise and more practise. Knowing the topics was the first milestone but after that all my focus was on practicing mocks. From September 2018, all I did was mock tests and thorough analysis of those tests. This helped to learn from my mistakes.

Mindworkzz: What role did Mindworkzz play in your preparation?

Ragini Gupta: Joining Mindworkzz was a major milestone in my preparation. Calculation tricks and motivational speeches by Arun Sharma Sir gave me the confidence that ‘I can and I will’ do it. Thorough classes by Lokesh Sir and Meenakshi Ma’am helped me understand the basics of syllabus. Round the clock support by faculty members even at odd hours is worth mentioning.

Mindworkzz: What is your advice for future aspirants?

Ragini Gupta: My advice to all the aspirants will be to never lose hope. If you cannot do something today, do some practice and you will be able to definitely tackle it tomorrow. To quote Arun Sir- 20 hours of work in any topic can make you a master in that. All the best !!

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