Power Of Practice(Aroma Of Language 5)

POWER OF PRACTICE- The 13 habits to perfect your language

Someone rightly said, ‘To handle a language skillfully is to practice a kind of evocative sorcery.’

Oh yes I agree fully with that.

Language is like magic, and just as a magician perfects his legerdemain with loads of practice, similarly the power to cast a spell with our language [both written and spoken] is with each one of us, provided we practice it to perfection.

Many people ask me how to speak English flawlessly and I tell them that the process is not possible in a day.

You will require to cultivate a few habits before you can actually start the process.

The 1st habit is patience. Yesss !!!! You need to be patient when you start doing anything new. Right from the time you were learning to walk to the time when you started typing on your keyboard, you remember it all needed patience.

The 2nd habit is discipline. You have to be disciplined in whatever you are learning. This requires not just discipline of actions and routine, but also discipline of thought.

The 3rd habit is self belief. You have to believe that you can do it. This is the most important habit of all, because many a battles of life have been lost due to self-doubt.

The 4th habit is perseverance. You have to do it everyday. You have to do it whenever and wherever you can.

The 5th habit is being thick skinned. You have to stop caring what the world is saying. It is not possible to please everyone and it is also your prerogative not to listen to any negative, discouraging remarks that people make.

The 6th habit is don’t be scared to make mistakes. Now come on, we all make mistakes, so who will die if you utter one wrong sentence. No one will. So please make errors but keep on learning and improving upon it.

The 7th habit is love what you are doing. If you don’t love what you have started you will stop doing it.

The 8th habit is put in a good measure of desperation in what you want. Be desperate to do it and automatically you will find a way to do it.

The 9th habit is do it for yourself. Whatever you are doing is for your own good and you will get the bouquets or the brick bats at the end of your journey. So do it for yourself not because someone wants or expects you to do it.

The 10th habit is keep on learning new words, improve your vocabulary and learn the different situation based usage of those words.

The 11th habit is to expose yourself to that language as much as you can. Be it in the form of reading, listening, speaking or writing.

The 12th habit is to make small manageable sentences and then start lengthening them once you have control and command over your words and structure.

The 13th and final habit is to start thinking in that language and substitute that language for your native language when you think.

Finally when you have mastered all the above habits you will realize that You are the Magician !!!

Yes you can weave magic with your words !!!

So let us start today and bring out the Magician that we have inside us ……

Happy Conjuring…!!!!

Magically yours,


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