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In my 2-decade long experience of training students for Mathematics, I have often found that the difference between those who understand and solve mathematical problems easily and those who do not, is the ability to think inside a problem.

Unfortunately, tons of study materials and books would not help you understand this critical difference, simply because Math books and study content is not written that way – to teach you how to think better inside a problem.

Students often fail to improve their Mathematics, because they are unable to learn the critical art of thinking inside a problem.

That is where my courses and way of teaching & writing has helped me turn around the mathematical skills of thousands of my students.


In this course I am looking at a comprehensive movement for the unskilled geometry solver to move to the stage of a highly skilled solver. I will be doing this by taking the student through two phases of learning on each topic.

Phase 1: Equipping yourself with the optimal formulae you require for solving tough geometry problems in examinations.

This is the first phase of every topic, because you really cannot get too far ahead in your problem-solving skills in geometry till you have equipped your mind with all the requisite formulae for the topic.


Phase 2: Teaching you how to think inside a problem, how to think of what constructions to draw when you are faced with a ‘dead end’ while solving a geometry question.

Once you move beyond the first level of Geometry questions, you will come across problems that would lead you to or leave you at dead-ends inside the problem-solving process. You would be able to move ahead in the problem only if you can ‘see’ the critical formula to apply or the critical construction to draw. In this course, we will help you develop the critical thinking required to think inside the problem solving situations so that you can beat those ‘dead-ends’ during your solving.”

Know Your Mentor

Arun Sharma

A distinguished alumnus of the prestigious IIM Bangalore, has had not just a highly successful but also a highly impactful life. In his various innings as author, trainer/mentor & entrepreneur, having cracked the CAT an incredible 20 times with several 99.9+ percentiles, he is an inspiration to millions. As one of the top selling Indian authors of the last decade on various web portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. – his books from McGraw-Hill on CAT and UPSC preparation have had a wide ranging impact on the youth of the country.

A much loved trainer, teacher and mentor to lacs of students – Arun Sharma has had a hand in the creation of thousands of success stories amongst his students – whether you talk about helping them become IAS officers or IIM graduates.

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