BBA/ BMS/ CLAT/ HM Achievers Batch is a 2.5 months fast track classroom program aimed to give comprehensive training for BBA/ BMS/ CLAT/ HM entrance exams like CLAT, DUJAT, IPM-AT, NPAT,IPU-CET etc.

BBA/IPM/CLAT 2019 Achievers – 2.5 Month Classroom Program at Mindworkzz

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BBA / CLAT Achievers is 2.5 months fast track classroom program aimed to give comprehensive training for BBA/BMS entrance exams like DUJAT, IPM-AT, NPAT,IPU-CET etc. Students opting for this program should be good at striking a balance between board exams and entrance prep. This program is slightly rigorous as compared to other classroom programs.


  • Fast track class room training
  • Module based classroom training (April-Mid June )
  • Module tests after completion of every module to assess students’ readiness for next module
  • Our exhaustive study material covers every topic in the syllabus of various BBA entrance exams like, DUJAT, IPM-AT, SET IPUCET
  • Easy to difficult approach adopted to explain concepts and their applications, enables a seamless transit within the topic for every category of learners.
  • Pearson Concise GK Manual is given along with our Study Materials to enhance command over GK as BA / CA.
  • Vocabulary Pocket Books in our Study Material Pack pack facilitates vocabulary building exercises on the move.
  • Section Tests: 2000 Online practice questions to improve application of concepts.
  • Online Quizzes: 1000 questions on current affairs & business awareness to enhance GK & current affairs
  • 40+ full-length mock& Sectional tests covering IPM, DU-JAT, IPUCET, SET, NPAT ,CLAT and Christ CET
  • Workshops, conducted after the completion of syllabus, take the students to exam level difficulty.

Access to student Portal –

  1. CA Snippets: A monthly recap of commonly asked topics in business awareness section of BBA entrance exams. It covers a variety of areas like International news, mergers & acquisitions, agreements & treaties, business personalities etc
  2. GQuest: In depth analysis of the GK section of recent question papers of IPM-AT, SET, DU-JAT, IPUCET etc, with recommended approach for GK prep. Online reading materials help in enhancing knowledge of ancient history, world geography, etc on the move.
  3. GK Quizzes: 20 online National level quizzes to ensure adequate attention to GK/BA prep. These quizzes are designed as per relative importance of various topics covered in IPUCET, NPAT, SET, DUJAT etc.
  4. Alerts & Notifications: Alerts & notifications regarding institute/exam application details, form filling & admission process guidance ensure that our students don’t miss any deadline. Interactive forums on our portal help the student to discuss and resolve queries. Periodic Blogs give unique prep tips and guidelines
  5. Application Guidelines: Step by step, form filling guidelines are uploaded from time to time to assist you in the application process
  6. Exam Analysis: Find in depth analysis, by experts’ at MINDWORKZZ., for all leading law entrance exams held in 2018. Draw up your preparation strategy for 2019 with the help of our analysis.