What are the benchmarks for selecting top B schools ?

Planning for MBA? Preparing for CAT? Some of the questions that are troubling you right now are: Which B school is best? How I can select any B school? Which school I must apply according to my scores?

These are the usual questions which bother each and every CAT aspirant. The answers to these questions are different for every individual according to their profile. But most of the answers are common for every individual which are according to some criteria. There are different benchmarks on which the B school is considered before applying. Most of these are placements, academic faculty, environment, location, internship, recruitment partners, return on investment, eligibility and many more.

The first and the most important benchmark while selecting the B school is its placement records and this is also the important aspect considered while ranking the B schools. It is important because every student who opts for MBA requires a good placement. If a student is investing such a high amount in fees, he also expects a placement with a good salary package. Many students are working before taking admission in MBA and the main reason for which they leave their jobs is the career growth. After the placement and salary package, the next thing to be considered is the previous years placement records. So, while you are selecting a B school first thing you must analyse is their placement records.

The next benchmark is return on investment which is directly related to the placement as it conveys that the amount you are going to invest as fees is worth or not. For an example, if you are giving 15-20 lakhs fees as an investment for 2 year MBA program and after that getting in return a package of 3-4 lakhs than the college is not worth it. So, the important task before applying to any B school is to analyze its return on investment. The main B schools like Old IIM’s, FMS, SP Jain, MDI etc. are considered top most B schools according to this aspect. The fee part is included in this benchmark only.

The next important constraint is eligibility for different B schools which totally depends on the candidate’s profile. The candidate’s profile is build on certain basis like academics in 10th,12th and graduation, engineering field or non-engineering field, gender, work experience, and CAT score. According to these criteria, students get call from different B schools. The top most B schools consider academics above 90% but, there are also different measures on which student having academic score below 90% can get a call from top most B schools i.e. gender, work experience, stream, etc. After getting a call from the B schools, the main part is GD/PI/WAT in which you can score well as, overall score is build on the basis of GD/PI/WAT performance. Its weightage in overall score vary from 60-70% for different B schools.

The parameters explained above are the most important while considering any of the B schools. The other measures which are taken into consideration are environment, location, academic faculty, internship. But these are the factors which are least considered.

Hope this article is helpful in providing answers to many of the questions which were troubling you right now.