Why Us



Few learning skills develop well without explicit instruction. So, once the skills have been identified, we need to plan how they will be developed. We have to stop imagining that learning skills develop just because students are present in a learning environment.

How will those targeted skills be emphasized by what happens in class? What kind of teacher and student activities will promote the awareness and development of them?

How can their development be incorporated into assignments? What kind of feedback will be offered to improve them? How will progress be monitored? How will they be assessed at the conclusion of the course?

Now what really makes sense and would dramatically improve skill acquisition would be a sequence of courses or a whole program designed with different skills targeted for development across that program of study.

Beyond deciding what skills would be developed and when, skills taught early on could be systematically built on in subsequent courses. We don’t do all that badly sequencing content across courses, but we don’t often plan skill development in the same careful way.