CAT 2024-  Quants Strategy for a 99%ile and Above:

CAT 2024- Quants Strategy for a 99%ile and Above:

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The Quantitative Aptitude (QA) section in CAT is often perceived as the most challenging, but it’s also the easiest to improve upon. The syllabus is well-defined, covering topics studied in Class 9th and 10th. With the right approach, even non-engineers can excel in this section. Here’s a comprehensive strategy:

Syllabus Breakdown:

  • Arithmetic (8-9 questions)
  • Algebra (5-6 questions)
  • Number Systems & Progressions (5-6 questions)
  • Other important topics: Geometry, Series, Logs, P and C, Miscellaneous.

Learning Sequence:

  • Start with Averages as it forms the base for other topics.
  • Focus on Arithmetic, the highest-weighted topic.
  • Move to Algebra, followed by Number Systems
  • Geometry is the next focus, followed by Modern Maths.

Topics Needing Revision:

  • Take mock tests to identify weaker topics.
  • Analyze solutions to understand if the issue is lack of understanding or forgetting a formula.
  • Follow 30% concept learning and 70% application and practice.

Weaker Topics Preparation:

  • Work on one topic at a time.
  • Maintain a cheat-sheet for quick reference.
  • Use CAT Scans, available on Mindworkzz Portal, to gauge competency.

Exam Scores and Practice:

  • Initial scores may be lower as it’s the learning phase.
  • Regular practice improves speed and accuracy.
  • Use the Mindworkzz telegram group and Facebook page to get help with your doubts and other practise questions

Steps to Complete a Quant Topic:

  • Concept Clarity.
  • Methods of Solving.
  • Application in numerous questions.
  • 30% Concept Learning, 70% Application, and timed practice.
  • Revise weak areas through self-analysis.

Attempting the Quants Section:

  • Scan the paper for easy questions.
  • Solve as many as possible, aiming for high accuracy.

Doubt Clarifications:

  • Clarify doubts promptly to avoid accumulation.
  • Some good place for clearing your doubts include Daily QA doubt learing classes, Mindworkzz Telegram group and Mindworkzz Facebook page

D-Day Quants Paper:

  • CAT quants section varies in difficulty.
  • Maintain composure during the exam.
  • Success often lies in handling the last section well.

Mocks and Crash Course:

  • Begin mocks after 60% of the syllabus.
  • CAT Crash Course focuses on speed, shortcuts, and revision in the last two months.


Follow this strategy, take advantage of Mindworkzz resources, and crack CAT with a 99%ile. This strategy, when diligently followed, ensures success in the CAT Quants section.

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