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Mindworkzz is one of India’s leading brands in Aptitude training and testing. We are involved in training aspirants for the CAT over the past 2 decades and have trained over 10000 IIM Graduates. Besides we are also involved in conducting classes for CSAT, CLAT, GATE, UPSC and CRT (campus recruitment training). Our key partners include companies like McGraw Hill Education, Hungama, Airtel, Applied Mobile Labs etc.

Our team is led by Arun Sharma - IIM Bangalore Alumnus, India's most recognised and respected author and trainer for CAT, and comprises of Meenakshi Upadhyay (IIM Bangalore Alumnus), Dr. Randhir Mishra (FPM IIM Bangalore), Arun Chaturvedi (NITIE Alumnus),  Pramod Singh (UPSC Trainer), Rajeev Upadhyay (NITIE Alumnus).


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Relevance of CAT Online Training

Masters of Business Administration - M.B.A, these three letters not only defines a master's degree but also a professional. MBA allows a person to explore an ocean of opportunities as it offers them maximum flexibility to diagnose or talents more than any other professional degree. India today is looked upon by the other countries as one of the fastest growing economy in the world, which as per the Goldman-Sachs research, is en-route to become the world's second largest economy after China by 2050. As the Indian economy is developing at a tremendous pace, this calls for an increase in demand for more and more skilled managers who have trained across various business disciplines. In order to avail the maximum advantage of this pool of opportunities, a Master's degree in management from any of the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) is the most sought-after professional courses in the country.

To make a move towards the prestigious MBA course, the first milestone that has to be achieved is clearing the Common Admissions Test (CAT) which is conducted by these IIMs, and is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the world. The number of aspirants appearing for the exam is close to 200,000 every year and the seats available in the IIMs is just 3355 approximately. Even if a person clears this written exam, the race is still not over. After the results are declared and one gets a good percentile in the exam, he needs to appear for the Group Discussion round, Case Study analysis round and then the Personal Interview round in order to guarantee his admission in any of the 13 IIMs. The ratio of candidates appearing for these rounds is 10:1 on an average.

2009 was the year when CAT went online. The exam that was initially a paper pencil test, with 150-175 questions and time limit of 2 hours 30 minutes, was converted into Online format that changed the scenario for the aspirants completely. Now, the number of questions were reduced to 60 and the new time limit was 2 hours 15 minutes.  Focus shifted to speed, accuracy and ability to see things from a different perspective and plane, rather than attempting large number of questions. With this change in the pattern of CAT exam, it was in the best interest of the CAT aspirants that they start aligning their preparations also along such lines. The reduction in the number of questions paved the path for the Out of Box thinking. The questions turned more analytical and logical and required the CAT aspirants to come up with a different mindset in order to apply their reasoning skills for solving such questions. These changes not only compelled the aspirants to bring changes in their thinking, but also gave birth to a new format of teaching - CAT Online Training programs.

In order to prepare the aspirants for this new CAT Online pattern, it became very essential for the for the CAT training institutes to come up with a model that can provide their students the actual test situation - The CAT Online Training Model.  This new CAT Online training modules required scientifically designed structures and training methods in order to help the aspirants to improve their skills in terms of speed, accuracy and force them to escalate their level of thinking to new heights, which must be having a totally different perspective while taking up the questions in the CAT. Years of experience, research and analysis were incorporated in developing the best CAT Online Training modules. The over-riding objective of such online courses is that each and every student should be benefited to the maximum.

Every year 200,000+ candidates appear for CAT, so the simple rule of success is - "Only the BEST man wins". Thus, these CAT online training courses were tailored to ensure the same. The CAT online training courses are now designed in such a manner that provides the serious CAT exam takers those inputs which are most relevant and also by allowing them to benchmark themselves against the competition in a simulated model CAT-like environment. The best part is if you are reading this, you have reached the right place where you can steer your career in the right direction.

People in India still don't feel that much comfortable with the Online things that much. We have a tendency of being a bit reluctant towards the changes in our normal chores and being dicey about situations with which we are not so familiar with. We gain confidence in anything only when it has a number of advantages for us. Same is with these CAT Online Training courses. People used to found the physical classroom teaching methods more lucrative unless they were explained the benefits of the CAT Online Training. These benefits can be best explained under the following headers:

1. Time Saving - A person normally requires 5 to 6 hours on a daily basis to reach the venue of his class, settling down for the classes, then attending a 2-3 hour long session and then going back home. Those precious 5 to 6 hours that students initially used to spend while going for the classes are saved. They can sit at back at home, hostel room, etc. with desktop/laptop in front, login at the portal and start their class in 2 minutes. CAT online coaching have solved the purpose for them.

2. Less Stress involved - Attending for classes after long hours at office, college or school leaves a person tired and stressed out. No such hassles are there now in CAT online training.

3. Connect with the best teachers - When you are in some institute that starts their batch timings at 7:00 AM in morning and end at 9:00 PM in night, no one think of being under the guidance of a single teacher with such a stamina - no matter how good they are, they can't be at the same energy level all the time. As a result, you get taught by some sub-standard faculty in order to finish up your course. Thus, the model of CAT Online training allows you to train yourself under the best teachers in the CAT domain. They also sit at their place of comfort and teach 100 or even 500 students at a time with high energy level.

4. Connect to a very focused and strong peer group which is multi – locational and multi – cultural- Imagine yourself in some class with someone from Ahmadabad, some from Pune, one from Mumbai, one from Lucknow, etc. Can you imagine this in some offline coaching center? No. This can only be possible when you are attending the CAT Online classes. You get to know about different people that what is their thought process, how do they analyze a particular situation, etc. A person from Pune can have some question that a person from Lucknow wouldn't even think of. This way you get to connect with students from multiple locations and multiple cultures. Simply put  - You start feeling International !!!

5. Recordings for the missed out classes -  Of all the advantages, this one will attract you the most. The best part of CAT Online training is that you can also have a recording of the class that you may have missed out due to certain unavoidable circumstances. Thus, you will not lag behind those who attended the classes. But, don't make it a habit to miss classes. Sometimes you may have a doubt at a certain point, then when are you going to ask question on that?

6. Get Online test series and assignments: With classes being held online, you get your assignments and tests online too. This helps you to get a real time experience of the CAT exam. More the number of Mock CAT tests you give online, more is the comfort level while you are sitting in front of the desktop in CAT. Thus, CAT Online Training helps you in getting a feel of the various difficulty levels and patterns tat have come in CAT till date and that can come in future.

7. Online FORUM support: CAT Online coaching and training centers, in order to provide you with 24 X 7 support have come up with unique FORUMS on their portals, wherein one can get his doubts cleared and can discuss their issues pertaining to the subjects with their peers and with the teachers as well. You just need to post your doubts and get them rectified then and there. This feature is totally missing in offline classes, where you need to wait for your teacher to arrive.

Thus, the relevance of CAT Online training has helped the CAT Online coaching institutes to provide their students with the real time experience of CAT exam. The comfort level of students has increased and the fear of online examination has been reduced to a much more comfortable level.

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Arun Sharma: I define my training as both intelligent and developmental. The mind of the students who comes into the class has to be enhanced when he/she goes out. In the context of what we are teaching be it the calculation based session or a chapter on mathematics or some questions on data interpretation or reasoning, the whole challenge is to enable the students to think. When a student faces a question which he/she has never seen before, it's a kind of disadvantage for him/her. On the other hand if you have prepared properly, your mind will automatically start working.