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Equip Your Arsenal With ASCC And Become Invincible in CAT'23

Are you a CAT aspirant too? Are you afraid whether you will be able to clear your CAT with a great percentile to land up in your favorite B school ? Well, stop worrying because at Mindworkzz we offer you a mock test series personally curated and authored by India’s best selling author and trainer for CAT. You can turn your fortunes around when coupled with a little hard work and a positive mindset.

Wait, Who is Arun Sharma exactly?

Arun Sharma is a name that every CAT aspirant surely knows of. He is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and well-known author of two of the most sought after books on CAT preparation published by McGraw Hill. He is a serial-CAT-taker, who has been cracking the exam for the past 28 years with 99+ percentile every time and has always been one of the toppers of the exam.
He is a 20-time CAT Qualifier & also India’s number 1 author and trainer for CAT, CSAT & other aptitude exams. He has trained lakhs of students by now.

What is Arun Sharma CAT Challenge?

ASCC is the result of all the understanding, knowledge, experience he has gathered over the past 28 years. While quality matters more than quantity, you do not need to worry about the quantity as well because ASCC consists of adequate full-length mock tests which expose the aspirants to a perfect balance of quantity and quality in terms of questions which enrich the level of knowledge and makes the testing phase a fruitful one since CAT is all about how effective each study session turns out to be. 

All the questions in ASCC are carefully picked to maximize your knowledge. It guides you to mould your approach towards concepts and questions in a certain way through the extremely comprehensive solutions and explanations for the problems. The mocks help you sail through the exam with ease and hence it is to be ensured that they are extremely holistic and extremely enriching.

Why Arun Sharma CAT Challenge?

Some of Arun Sharma’s CAT Scores: CAT 14 – 99.96%ile, CAT 15 –
99.87%ile, CAT 16-99.97%ile, CAT 17 – 99.96%ile & CAT 18 – 99.99%ile.
You must be wondering why did he sit for the CAT exam again and again?
Well, by sitting for the exam multiple times he used to get a reality check on the changing patterns/ series of questions asked year after year. And as a result he
now uses this knowledge to teach his students better and train them better for all the challenges CAT has in store for them. Isn’t that amazing?
Being exposed to the CAT 21 times means being exposed to the exams prepared
by all the major IIM’s, the changes in the setup and pattern of the exams, the strategies, the tricks they play with the aspirants’ minds.
Covering each topic mentioned in the syllabus will not land you in the college you have always dreamt of. You need to have a fair idea about what sort of questions are exactly asked in the exam.
With the test series updated each year depending upon the level of difficulty and the twists, the ASCC inculcates a very unique quality of being the closest to the CAT exam so that you are exposed to the right content which trains you just
right for the D-day.

How Arun Sharma CAT Challenge is Different From Other Test Series?

25 full length tests: The ASCC has a total of 25 full length tests which are extensively informative and adequate to train aspirants for the best and worst the CAT has to offer. It will expose you to CAT level questions and would help you accustom your mind to the battle yet to come. Good quality 10 full length tests can do wonders which poorly curated 100 tests cannot. This is the quality ASCC intends to offer.  

Mock test series with personal mentoring by Arun Sharma: Arun Sharma has been consistently involved with the CAT test taking and preparation processes for over 20 years and hence has a lot to impart in terms of knowledge, skills and the mindset required to bell the CAT. The ASCC puts students under direct mentorship of the CAT wiz himself who would assist them through their journey and help them to pass with flying colours.

Separate tests for XAT, IIFT and NMAT: As the name suggests, ASCC specializes in helping students ace the CAT exam. But in addition to that, there are also plenty of mock tests for other prestigious MBA entrance exams such as XAT, NMAT, IIFT and SNAP which are also curated in a well-balanced manner. This ensures that the student realizes that there are plenty of opportunities for them to get into good B-schools and pursue their MBA’s in case the CAT doesn’t yield on the D-day.

Unique CATScan Methodology: to pinpoint your weak areas: Another USP of the ASCC is that it employs a unique CATScan methodology to gauge where the students stand in terms of preparation and what their strengths and weaknesses are. The CATScan are prepared in such a way that they are adequate in themselves to portray a true picture of the students’ skillset. It is based upon the CATScan scores that the team can then easily suggest ways out for the student to work on the knowledge gaps and attain the desired results.


The best part of ASCC, in addition to a very very exhaustive testing module, is the personal guidance it has to offer- the best faculty of Mindworkzz are available to guide you towards a better preparation technique and ensure that the amount of effort and time one puts in turns out to be fruitful! I am extremely happy to be a part of such an institute!
Raghvendra Pratap Singh - 99.38 %ile
IIM Kozhikode
I enrolled for the ASCC and one other test series for a greater variety of questions and structures but when I compare the 2, the difference is strikingly visible- the carefully chosen questions which form the essence of the entire test series is surely enough to make it in itself a complete and a holistic experience for every CAT aspirant.
Himanshu Salgotra - 99.85 %ile
IIM Calcutta
ASCC is a game changer. It is often said that quality always has an upper hand over the quantity. The ASCC proves it right. In addition to quality though, it also has quantity which is sufficient for the aspirants to test himself and gauge on his own, his abilities, his capacities and the level of preparation. Not only this, it also gives one the opportunity to know where he is going wrong and bridge his gaps. ASCC is therefore, your go to module for the CAT preparation journey
K H Abhishek - 99.28%ile
IIM Calcutta
The ASCC is one of the best test series I have come across in my 2 years of CAT preparation journey and I would hand down recommend it to every single CAT aspirant! Thank you Mindworkzz for such a perfectly balanced testing series!
Sandeep Mohanty - 99.69%ile
IIM Ahmedabad
I enrolled for the ASCC a month back when I decided to enter the CAT testing phase. And to my surprise, the ASCC was nothing like the other test series available. A succinct yet a very well- structured test series which exposes you to a range of high-level questions which would definitely instil in you a confidence to face all possible difficulties in the exam. For me, the ASCC was a perfect platform to test my knowledge and skills and also realize where I lack at this point of time.
Anil Dudi - 99.56%ile
IIM Ahmedabad​
The ASCC- the Arun Sharma CAT Challenge is surely a challenge for CAT aspirants- exposing us test takers to such in-depth applications of mundane concepts which we do not normally think of. Moreover, the carefully written out solutions and explanations make the experience and the struggle worth it!
Shantanu Agarwal -99.89%ile
IIM Ahmedabad

What You Will Get in ASCC​

Total 25 Full Length Mocks, 12 RepliCATs, 10*3=30 Sectional Mocks and Revolutionary CAT Scan Methodology. In Addition To That You Will Also Get Free Access To Our Telegram Group Personally Monitored By Arun Sharma Himself @ just Rs.4999/-  

Get Arun Sharma CAT Challenge Bundle For Rs.4999/-

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