CAT  2024 – LRDI Strategy for 99%le and Above

CAT 2024 – LRDI Strategy for 99%le and Above

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Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning(DILR) is often perceived as the most challenging section in the CAT examination. Typically, LR questions are presented in paragraphs, providing substantial information followed by 4-6 questions. Here’s a detailed strategy to aim for a 99%ile and above:


  • Begin by thoroughly reading and understanding the information in each LRDI set.
  • Use a systematic approach by summarizing the information in a box, table, or diagram. Form a structure where you’d store the information which has been given to you.
  • For problems involving arrangements, draw the required figures to aid visualization.

Practice for Familiarity:

  • Solve 400-500 CAT Type LRDI sets to build familiarity.
  • In CAT 2023, solving just 50% of sets could potentially lead to a 99%le.
  • Choose sets wisely based on your strengths during the actual exam.

Solving Strategy:

  • Invest time in understanding each question before attempting to solve.
  • Avoid assumptions and rely only on the information provided in the passage.
  • Carefully read both the factual passage and sentence completion instructions.
  • Thoroughly review all response choices before making a decision.
  • Two of the important steps to solve a given set includes
    • Forming a structure to store the information
    • Fully utilizing the clues given to you

Historical Perspective:

  • Recognize that the CAT LRDI level changed in 2015, becoming lengthy puzzles.
  • Start with basics by reading “Intro to DILR Strategy by Arun Sharma” to get an insight to begin your preparation. Get familiar with different structures.
  • For a strong base, solve LRDI sections from CAT papers between 2000 and 2014.

Get started with Mindworkzz:

  • Utilize Mindworkzz resources, including 400+ CAT Level LRDI sets, video solutions, and playlists. Use these to help you with your Assisted Problem Solving.
  • Once you’ve solved around 200 sets with Assisted Problem Solving, move on to the next phase which is the Self Problem Solving. This is essential to help you build your confidence while solving a set.

Doubt Solving Assistance:

  • If you are completely exhausted with a set, Join the Daily DILR Doubt class offered by Mindworkzz to get an expert help.

In summary, a systematic and extensive practice regimen, coupled with the right resources, will pave the way for success in the DILR section of CAT 2024.

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