Tips to Crack CAT Interview

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Just like in any other competitive exam, post CAT Interview is the last step to be decoded to crack the cumbersome “Management Entrance Selection Process”. Preparing for an interview is equally as important as CAT exam. A high scorer on CAT may loose a chance in interview if not presented ingeniously.

Following are some handy tips which might be very useful and productive while facing an interview.

Begin NOW. Interviews require a fair command over one’s soft skills, which cannot be nurtured overnight. The key is to begin as early as possible.
It is very important to know who you really are. Knowing the different facets of one’s personality helps. Prepare a list of your hobbies. Being familiar with your strengths and weaknesses, and knowing your temperament provide you clarity of thoughts. Clear thoughts would definitely result in honest and uninhibited answers.
Be honest with the details on your biodata/form/resume. You need to be thorough with the minutest details in your biodata and have convincing basis for everything as a lot of the queries are bound to stem out of it.
Maintain a positive and calm demeanor throughout the interview session. Be confident enough and make sure not to display signs of anxiety or discomfort through your answers or your body-language.

Respect the board members and do not try to fool them into believing anything which you have very little or no idea about. Try to be very straightforward, humble and honest while answering. It is completely okay not to know all the answers but it very important to know how to convey that in a pleasant manner.
Start working on improving your communication skills. Learn to get the hang of the language by conducting debates, mock-interviews or talk sessions with family members or friends. It is equally important to be fluent, crisp and precise with your thoughts and words. Try to cut out on unnecessary details to make your argument more interesting.
Be aware of what is happening around you. Include newspaper-reading as a mandatory part of your everyday regime. Apart from the general awareness, it is important to have a strong command on your optional subject-matter. Ensure that you don’t flounder in the areas of your choice and prepare accordingly.
Look through the general queries of the post CAT interviews held in the last few years. This would give you the cue to the basic pattern of the interviews and hence, prepare accordingly.
The body-language has to be very pleasing and confident. Every single detail matters. Beginning from your dress to your posture and the tone of your voice, every seemingly tiny element has to be taken into consideration. Dress up properly in a formal attire. Make a note of all the important documents to be carried to the interview beforehand in order to avoid last-minute panic. Be punctual and orderly in everything.

Last but not the least- try to maintain a sense of composure and calmness throughout. What goes within, gets reflected through your gestures, words and the body-language. A composed, confident personality helps you gain an extra mileage in the run for the coveted positions amongst the topmost contenders.

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